our process

Victoria and Sandee

Victoria and Sandee

Step 1: Consult

We can come and meet you on-site, take photographs, and discuss the overall design objectives. We will look at the existing space & furniture…discuss your budget & timeframe and with our expertise plan the best way to stage to sell.  


Step 2: Proposal

Very quickly we can come back with mood boards and a plan of action. This can include everything visual that may need fixing, from trims to light covers , floors, & lighting. Your staging proposal is customized to fit your needs, including furnishings,  pricing + timeline.


Step 3: Staging

Our creative team + crew install all furniture + decor, delivering a curated design in just 1-2 days. We ensure NYC building regulations are met, and make sure cleanliness, respect and speed are part of the process.


step 4

We love to finish the whole look with our fresh seasonal flowers, fruit & candles. We have an amazing team of photographers who specialize in Real Estate photography.

Contact us to set up a consultation

Our staging process begins with the market and asking the question...what brings a buyer to this particular apartment?  Each neighborhood, each street, each house, each apartment building, each floor, potentially has its own draw and we want our staging and design to appeal to those buyers.

Then we digest the space.  We want to look at the entire apartment and realize its full potential.  As a part of this strategy we scan for flaws.  We want to make a big impact usually in a short timeframe.  These are mostly cosmetic, but can sometimes be in-depth and structural.  We once found a window covered by a wall during a walk-thru with the brokers.  We all agreed it had to be opened up. What a difference…to uncover a natural light source.  During another walk-thru we suggested putting a wall and sliding door between an office that adjoined a living room…creating a place to have some privacy and hide mess. This room already had its own window, so it was a natural solution.

Before we embarked on staging, a large part of our experience in design had been gut renovations.  This experience has been essential in establishing and maintaining great communication with contractors.  We understand the work to be done and the time it will takes to do it.  And once the punch list is complete, we can review the job and give reasonable, easily understood, feedback.  A value-add for owners and brokers who are time constrained but need to know the work is done and done right.

Lastly, we design to sell.  We want to highlight important features of the space, create a nice flow so that buyers see themselves there.  Our goal isn’t just to show potential buyers that their belongings can fit, but to make them want to stay.  That’s the real art.  This is where design is so important.  A well staged space requires a well designed space.  It’s about the right art, the right furniture, the right plants, the right lighting, the right objects, the right placement, the right mood.   The choices are everything. This for us is when we pull it all together.  Everything we know about the potential buyer and what they are looking for…shows up here.  Ultimately this is not about designing to our tastes, its about designing to the buyers tastes.