OUR Services



Mrs Sullivan Interiors Inc. Provides home staging to transform any space into an elegant and inviting home highlighting the best selling features to ensure you sell quickly.


Makeovers or complete Interior design 


Our own high end inventory of furniture, rugs, art, lighting, objects to to stage any home and style. Available to purchase.

“Thank you. The staging is what sold us on the apartment. I know how important staging really is, even with a place that’s inherently wonderful.”

- buyer of a recently staged property.


We can come and meet you on-site, taking photographs, go over the overall design objectives. Looking at the existing space , furniture and with our expertise the best way to Stage to sell. Discuss your budget and time frame.


Very quickly we can come back with Mood boards and what needs to be done in a short space of time. From a fresh coat of paint and checking ever thing visual that may need fixing, from trims to light covers , floors, & lighting. staging proposal customized to fit your needs, including furnishings,  pricing + timeline.


Our creative team + crew install all furniture + decor, delivering a curated design in just 1-2 days. We check with NYC building regulations and we make sure cleanliness, respect and speed all help with the


4. The Final Process

We love to Finnish the whole look with our fresh seasonal flowers, fruit & candles. We have an amazing team of photographers who specialize in Real Estate pictures.