The Egg Light


Our egglight ceiling pendants are designed and created for those with an eye for the contemporary as well as a love of natural materials.
Like a finger print or signature, each egg is unique in size, texture and colour so that no two are exactly the same. Their natural translucency creates a warm and atmospheric glow to enhance any space and as a naturally produced product, the diffuser (egg) has no carbon footprint.

the eggs...

The eggs we use are responsibly sourced
from BDOA (the British Domesticated Ostrich Association) approved farms and are a bi-product of the breeding programme. When the eggs are laid they are placed in incubation for 15 days before it can be ascertained if the eggs are fertile
or not, only the none fertile eggs are used in the production of our egglights.
Our pendant lights can be made using either
Ostrich eggs or Rhea eggs, or a combination of both.

Coming to the USA soon